Mix & Match Party Pack Reusable Plastic BPA Free



These reusable straws will add the perfect finishing touch to any drinkware!

Made out of BPA free, food grade high quality plastic

Our mix and match option allows you to individually choose each straw print you desire, but you can also let us choose for you by entering "random" in the text box

Handwashing with our straw cleaners is recommended to achieve best results (our customers have used their dishwashers with no issues however)

While the print can chip or fade over time, using our silicone tip savers (sold separately) will virtually eliminate any wear on the straws!

Our 9 and 10 inch styles work best for 20oz skinny tumblers and smaller, while our 11 inch style is best for 30oz skinnies

Print names:
Leopard (clear)
Lemon (11")
Tropical (11") out of stock
White Leopard (11")
Holiday Lights
Notebook (Lined Paper)
Las Vegas
Metallic Leopard
Pastel Mouse
Clear Plaid
Red Plaid
Pink Swirl
Red Swirl
Clear Swirl 
Purple Swirl
Floral Skull (no stopper)
Mystic Crystals
Neon Leopard
B&W Cow (9") 
Pink Color Changing Hearts (9" no stopper)
Tricolor Cow
Red Mouse
Paw Print