Silicone Alphabet Mold FORWARD Facing Keychain Resin Mold Clay Mold 1.5" Figures


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This is a 14" mold that makes approx. 1.5" tall letters. Front facing means you fill the mold as shown and you dome the top to get a perfect finish.

This mold is reusable and is great for any personalized gifts. You can make keychains, fridge magnets, and even soap with this mold! You can use an assortment of mediums from resin to polymer clay to soap!

To make a keychain you can purchawe the eye screws in my shop. Just pop out the letters/numbers after about 8-10 hours of drying and then hand screw the eye screw into the letter. If you let them dry for too long then you'll need a drill to insert the screw.

Materials: Silicone.