Strawberry Straw Topper (fits 7-8mm)


Color: Pink

Want a little more razzle dazzle to your straws? Check out these new straw toppers!

These adorable silicone pieces fit on the top of your straw to protect the inside & tip of your straw

They are dishwasher safe, so every now and then (or after each beverage) just toss them in the dishwasher! 

Please note these will not fit Stanley or SM brand straws (those are usually 9-10mm). These will only fit 7-8mm straws, which is what Happyfox carries 🥰

Also note the 8mm straws will have a more snug fit. I recommend getting the straw tip wet for easier application. 

**constant sliding of the straw topper on the straws may result in printed straws fading or chipping faster with the added friction.**