Hi, I'm Brooke

the owner of Happyfox Supply Co

About Us

Hello there! I'm a disabled veteran (USAF), mother of 2 crazy kids, wife, and of course an ADHD-having entrepreneur. I've been bouncing around the world since 2010 thanks to my military journey, but we are finally hoping to settle down in Las Vegas where we currently reside.

I can't really say exactly when I started this business - I've been trying to create something successful since I was about 16. I started off selling handmade steampunk owl pins, then moved on to dog collars, handmade soaps, baby bows, website building, tumblers... and now all of this! The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in my blood from a long family history of self starters.

I'm extremely proud of where I've come from and excited to see where I go. I sincerely hope you love my products and that they put a smile on your face. =) All of my printed straws are 100% my original designs - beware of dupes! To ensure you're getting the real thing, order direct from our website