MISPRINT Oops Packs Mix Random Assortment

In stock after November 1, 2021


Most of the oops packs are now the b&r mouse straws. You may or may not receive other prints depending on availability.

 Availability is mostly mouse straws at this time

These are B and C grade straws. Some have chips at the top of the straw while others are missing entire segments!

The assortment shown is just an example - your pack will be completely RANDOM based on our entire collection, not just what is shown.

The straw patterns are RANDOM and cannot be specifically requested. The sizes will also be random. I will try to give you different prints in each mix but it's based entirely on availability. 

Please note that all printed straws will fade over time. Handwashing is recommended to lengthen the life of the print. Dishwashers will fade the print faster. If you are a straw biter this will also cause the print to chip.

Materials: Plastic.